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Comments to the Aware Parenting Institute

Comments received in 2010 by email and on our Facebook page

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We welcome your comments about Aware Parenting and this web site. We reserve the right to post anything you write to us on our page of comments, and to edit it as needed. Please give us your name, city and country. This is an archived page. Please see our current comments page.

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January 3, 2010

Comment to the Aware Parenting Facebook page:

Fantastic that you are on facebook. I'll take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you for your books, Aletha. For us your work was the 'missing link' in our parenting.

K. L.

January 27, 2010

Comment to the Aware Parenting Facebook page:

Thought you might enjoy that my ten-year-old just cited your book, Raising Drug-Free Kids, in her bibliography for her upcoming science fair project, on whether or not kids of different ages can better tell the difference between medicine and candy.

S. G.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

April 10, 2010

Comment received by email:

Hi Aletha,

I just want to say I love your work. Thank you for writing your books, which I have really enjoyed. I am a single father to my seven-year-old son, and thanks to the principles of Aware Parenting, I have a relationship with my son that is beyond dreams.

Love, peace and blessings from Ireland
Darren Maguire
Student of psychology
Dublin, Ireland

April 28, 2010

Comment to the Aware Parenting Facebook page:

Thank you for all you do, Aletha. Every parent should read your books! I really hope you will soon come in Paris! When you do, I'll be the first one to promote you!

H. C.
Paris, France

May, 2010

Comment in French to the Aware Parenting Facebook page:

Je suis une fan. J'ai un bébé de deux ans et demi que nous aidons Ó grandir à la "Aletha". Pas toujours facile mais quand je vois les résultats... C'est magique! Si on pouvait créer des écoles "Aletha" comme on l'a fait avec Dolto, ce serait génial. On a parfois besoin de soutien parce qu'on se sent un peu seul à défendre une telle fašon de voir les choses. Si vous revenez en Europe, venez voir les Belges. Mille mercis.

S. P.

October 23, 2010

Comment received by email:

I became a father to baby girl eight weeks ago. I bought Tears and Tantrums from Amazon, together with your book, Raising Drug-Free Kids. I must say that your book deeply touched me, for I have never even heard about such a concept of crying before. My country is quite traditional, but also very old fashioned. Actually, in some aspects we are still in ancient times. For example, it is still considered shameful to visit a psychiatrist here, and there are not many places where one can seek advice on emotional life.

Kindest regards,
Drasko Tomic
Zagreb, Croatia

October 29, 2010

Comment to the Aware Parenting Facebook page:

I've read your web site that does not support Supernanny's Cry-it-Out or Time-Out techniques (Supernanny: Alluring and deceptive). I've seen her prove her methods in several videos, so I'm a believer in her advice. What would you suggest to get my seven-month-old to sleep through the night and my five-year-old to obey her mommy and daddy? I am open to other methods, so please offer your proven suggestions.


Reply from Aletha Solter

I'm pleased to hear that you are open to other methods. The Aware Parenting approach involves working with children rather than doing things to them such as punishments or rewards. To help babies sleep through the night, I recommend the "crying-in-arms" approach. See my article Crying for comfort. For discipline problems, see my articles, Why do children 'misbehave'? and Twenty alternatives to punishment. For more information about the Aware Parenting approach, please see my books.

December 27, 2010

Comment to the Aware Parenting Facebook page:

I have been looking through your website, and I agree with most of what you say. But I have trouble accepting that you encourage people to NEVER punish their children. While I don't agree with smacking, I personally believe that without some kind of punishment/consequence (which must sometimes be inflicted by the parent), how do we expect our kids to instinctively know "right" from "wrong"? They need to be taught this. If my children break my rules, they get punished for that. Loss of privileges, time-out, or whatever is appropriate at the time. Are you teaching that this is somehow the wrong way to parent?


Reply from Aletha Solter

Thanks for your comments. One problem with the use of punishments or rewards is that it teaches children to do things for the wrong reasons. Furthermore, it does not teach a deeper sense of right or wrong. The use of punishment can lead to resentment, anger, and a desire to rebel. When children's needs are met, they grow up with no desire to harm others. See these articles for more information.

Supernanny: Alluring and Deceptive
The Disadvantages of Time-out

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