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Comments received in 2012 by email and on our Facebook page

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January 4, 2012

Comment to the Aware Parenting Facebook page:

Thanks for your great book, The Aware Baby! My webpage and Facebook page, "My Baby Experience," was created after being encouraged by your book to understand and come to terms with my labour experience and how it might affect my little one and my parenting...

March 1, 2012

Comment received by email:

Your Aware Parenting philosophy is changing my life! And it's been less than a week since I attended your workshop... I didn't use a pacifier to put my baby to sleep this morning, and she has slept now for 90 minutes. That's the longest nap she's had in months! She is more playful and snuggly, too. I feel so much better, which is a huge deal because I've been struggling with some postpartum anxiety. And even my relationship with my husband has been more playful and less tense.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. You've made a difference in my world already.

Janeya Hinton
Santa Barbara, CA, U.S.

May 21, 2012

Comment received by email:

Thank you for your books and your approach. It has made a huge difference to the way I connect to my sons and has given me hope where previously there was just daily struggle.

June 13, 2012

Comment received by email:

I love all of your information that I have read so far. I work with children with disabilities and love to find information that can help support the families. Thanks!

July 7, 2012

Comment to the Aware Parenting Facebook page:

I'm feeling very glad to have chances to read your books. I feel moved. They have healed and inspired me a lot. I'm hoping your books are published all around the world.

July 11, 2012

Comment received by email:

Your words saved me at a time when nothing else made sense. I kept searching for something that made sense to me, and after 6 long months and almost going nuts, I found one sentence on the internet, "Crying is necessary, dont try to stop it, just be there and let it be," which led me to your first book (The Aware Baby) and then I bought them all! From the moment I read the first few pages, I knew I had found sanity again for me and my daughter! I am so glad I followed my heart and did not listen to everyone else! It's been a great 3 years!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and bless you for all you've done for our children! I promise I will keep spreading the awareness around (as much as possible) in hopes that we will make this world a bit better!

Jessica Larose
Saskatchewan, Canada

November 24, 2012

Comment received by email:

Dear Aletha,

I had the chance to meet you in Romania recently during a conference that you gave. I appreciated your presentation, so I decided to read The Aware Baby. I have just finished the book. Your ideas challenged my perspective more than expected. And I remembered a lot of my childhood. It is incredible how important it is. I want to thank you. I will continue reading your books, preparing for the babies we are expecting. I am pregnant with twins.

Wishing you the best for you and your famiy!
Corina Tudor

December 1, 2012

Comment to the Aware Parenting Facebook page:

Thank you so much for your crying-in-arms article. It contains such practical, logical advice, and delivers a wonderful message. I feel blessed to have read it. My son is 17 months old now, and he still loves a cuddle and to be held when he cries. If I have another baby, I'll have a much more Aletha-based approach this time around, when caring for my child!

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