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Comments to the Aware Parenting Institute

Comments received in 2016 by email and on our Facebook page

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We welcome your comments about Aware Parenting and this web site. We reserve the right to post anything you write to us on our page of comments, and to edit it as needed. Please give us your name, city and country.

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January 27, 2016

Comment received by email:

I'm writing to say that for me, Aware Parenting has been a mystical journey for which I will be forever grateful.

A father in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

January 28, 2016

Comment received by email:

I would like to thank you for your great work giving parents the skills to heal and to help their children heal.

A mother in Sweden

March 14, 2016

Comment received by email:

Last weekend I presented your nine forms of Attachment Play to my colleagues at our Theraplay conference... I am very grateful for your publications and creative ideas.

Ulrike Franke
near Heidelberg, Germany

April 5, 2016

Comment received by email:

I am a social worker and play therapist from Hong Kong. It's so inspiring to read your book, Attachment Play. The ideas and examples stated in your book expanded my knowledge a lot about the magical and therapeutic power of play in daily life, which makes me so eager to introduce the ideas to parents.

April 27, 2016

Comment received at Facebook:

Thank you for writing these books. You have helped to positively change so many lives.

May 19, 2016

Comment received at Facebook:

I enjoyed reading your book, Attachment Play. I found it very inspirational and helpful. Before having children I worked as a clinical psychologist with children and families, and I took a break from practice when I had my own children. I realised the importance of play in a therapeutic setting, and the ideas in your book have helped me to make meaning of play within my own family, and have given me ideas for playful ways of being and interacting with my own children. Thank you for the important work you have been doing.

June 1, 2016

Question received by email:

I’d love to know your opinion and experience regarding the Aware Parenting approach with children with special needs.

Aletha’s reply

The expression "special needs" covers a wide range of conditions, including autism, Down’s syndrome, physically handicapped (for example, from cerebral palsy), blind, deaf, dyslexic, etc. The basic principles of Aware Parenting apply to all children, no matter what kind of disability or handicap they have. For example, a play-based approach can be effective in reducing autistic symptoms in some children (as mentioned in my book, Attachment Play)

August 14, 2016

Comment received in Spanish at Facebook:

Soy de argentina. Que buenos temas, los encontré buscando algo sobre el llanto del bebé y realmente lo que leí sobre el llanto emocional me dejó helada. Doy abrigo a una bebé que está esperando ser adoptada y llora de noche, a una determinada hora, pero grita muy fuerte y tratamos de contenerla. Tiene cuatro meses ya, fue separada de su mama casi al nacer. Me ayudó mucho lo que leí para poder ayudarla más. La idea es que cuando se vaya con su familia definitiva, lo haga muy llenita de amor.

English translation: I am from Argentina. What great topics, which I discovered while searching for something about babies' crying. What I read about emotional crying really stunned me. I am taking care of a baby who is waiting to be adopted, and he cries at a specific time every evening, but he screams very loudly, and we have tried to restrain him. He is already four months old and was separated from his mother right after birth. It was very helpful for me to read about how to help him more. The goal is for him to be filled with love when it's time for him to join his permanent family.

October 24, 2016

Comment received at Facebookk:

Children who are raised with dignity, kindness and respect, grow up to become dignified, kind, respectful adults. It's really simple; there is NO dignity, kindness or respect in spanking!

November 6, 2016

Comment received at Facebook:

We had massive tears today, and loads of cuddles were needed. My stressed, tired 4-year-old needed to release, and I needed to hear your kind reminder that she is fine, I am fine, all is well :)

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