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Aware Parenting in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic flag

The Aware Parenting Institute is an international organization founded by Aletha Solter, Ph.D. (a Swiss/American developmental psychologist). The Aware Parenting approach is based on her five books: The Aware Baby, Cooperative and Connected (a revised edition of Helping Young Children Flourish), Tears and Tantrums, Raising Drug-Free Kids, and Attachment Play.


Three of these books have been translated into Czech and published by Nakladatelství Triton: The Aware Baby (January 2014) Tears and Tantrums (May 2016), and Cooperative and Connected (October 2019).

Aware Baby in Czech Tears and Tantrums in Czech Cooperative and Connected in Czech

Moudrost raného dětství
(The Aware Baby)

Slzy raného dětství
(Tears and Tantrums)

Bez trestů a odměn
(Cooperative and Connected)

There are not currently any Aware Parenting instructors in the Czech Republic.


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