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Aletha Solter has written five books describing different aspects of the Aware Parenting approach. They include numerous references to research studies in the fields of child development, attachment, trauma, neurophysiology, and psychotherapy. One or more of these books has been translated into Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Marathi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Foreign language editions

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Original English-language editions

The Aware Baby
Cooperative and Connected
Tears and Tantrums
Raising Drug Free Kids
Attachment play

The Aware Baby (birth to two-and-a-half years)

This ground-breaking book has contributed to a revolution in parenting around the world. Based on attachment theory, it explains how to respond appropriately to a baby's crying by recognizing the two main functions of crying during infancy. It also describes how to set limits without the use of either punishments or rewards and how to create an optimal learning environment during the important first three years.

Cooperative and Connected (two to eight years)

This sequel to The Aware Baby continues the same non-punitive approach for children past infancy. It inclues chapters on crying, fears, stimulation and learning, play, setting limits, sibling rivalry, eliciting cooperation, and eating issues. (Note: this is a revised and updated edition. The original title was Helping Young Children Flourish.)

Tears and Tantrums (birth to eight years)

This book explains the function of crying and describes ways to respond that will enhance children's emotional health. It includes information on the sources of stress that can lead to crying, as well as nighttime crying, temper tantrums, and crying during separations. A distinctive feature of Aware Parenting is full acceptance of children's emotions to help them cope with stress and heal from trauma.

Raising Drug-Free Kids (birth to 25 years)

This book is not just for parents of teens, and it covers much more than simply teaching kids to say "no" to drugs. Instead, it addresses the deeper causes of substance abuse and descries how to prevent them with the Aware Parenting approach. The 100 easy-to-read tips are organized according to age group.

Attachment Play (birth to 12 years)

This book describes how to solve children's behavior problems with play, laughter, and connection. It also describes playful interventions to help children overcome fears, heal from trauma, and cope with difficult situations such as the birth of a sibling, parental divorce, or school stress. Specific kinds of parent/child play are important aspects of the Aware Parenting approach.


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