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Articles by Aletha Solter, Ph.D.

Aletha Solter, PhD, is a developmental psychologist, international speaker, consultant, and founder of the Aware Parenting Institute ( Her books have been translated into many languages, and she is recognized internationally as an expert on attachment, trauma, and non-punitive discipline. The titles of her books are The Aware Baby, Cooperative and Connected (a revised edition of Helping Young Children Flourish), Tears and Tantrums, Raising Drug-Free Kids, and Attachment Play.

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orange ball Articles by Aletha Solter originally published in Mothering magazine

Crying for comfort: distressed babies need to be held

Family meetings for conflict resolution

The disadvantages of time-out
Dutch version De nadelen van time-out
French version Les désavantages de la mise à l'écart temporaire (Time-Out)
Spanish version Las desvantajas del tiempo fuera

orange ball Excerpts from Aletha Solter's books

Introduction to Attachment Play (Table of contents, introduction, and first chapter from Attachment Play)

Allow your toddler to say "no" (Excerpt from Raising Drug-Free Kids)

Listen to your teenager (Excerpt from Raising Drug-Free Kids)

Should I let my baby sleep with me? (Excerpt from The Aware Baby)

Are children inherently bad? (Excerpt from Helping Young Children Flourish)
French version Les enfants ont-ils un fond mauvais?
German version Sind Kinder ihrer Natur nach schlecht ?
Spanish version ¿Son los niños esencialmente malos?

Principles of learning (Excerpt from the Workbook for Helping Young Children Flourish)

What causes violence? (Excerpt from Tears and Tantrums)
French version L'origine de la violence
German version Der Umgang mit Gewalt

orange ball Interviews with Aletha Solter

How can we respond to babies' emotions?
French version Comment accompagner les émotions des petits?

Interview with Aletha Solter on crying and high-need infants
Spanish version Entrevista con Aletha Solter sobre el llanto de los bebés

Breaking the cycle of violence: an interview with Aletha Solter

orange ball Other articles by Aletha Solter

Coping with teens and screens new article

Do children really need praise? new article

Dutch version Hebben kinderen echt nood aan complimenten?

Raising Drug-Free Kids

The crying-in-arms approach for helping babies sleep through the night

Dutch version Laat je baby huilen in je armen, zo help je hem met doorslapen new article

Why do children 'misbehave'?

Don't spank your children
Dutch version Sla je kinderen niet
French version Ne frappez pas vos enfants: Dix raisons pour eviter la fessée new article
Spanish version No pegues a tus hijos

Twenty alternatives to punishment
Dutch version Twintig alternatieven voor straffen
French version Vingt alternatives à la punition
Spanish version Veinte alternativas al castigo

What to do when your baby cries
Dutch version Wat te doen als je baby huilt?
French version Que faire quand votre bébé pleure?
German version Was tun, wenn dein Baby weint?
Spanish version ¿Qué hacer cuando un bebé llora?

Understanding tears and tantrums

Dutch version Omgaan met driftbuien

Children and trauma: what to expect and what to do

French version Les enfants et les traumatismes
The drugging of children: a national disgrace
(Originally published in the Santa Barbara News-Press)

orange ball Questions and Answers

Aletha Solter answered parents' questions for a few years at the Parenthoodweb site. Below are links to the 27 questions she answered during that period. This is not a personal advice column, and Dr. Solter will not be posting any more answers. If you have a question about your child, check the articles below to see if one of them addresses your concern. If you would like personal advice or support, please contact Dr. Solter to schedule a phone consultation. (She requests that you read at least one of her books before scheduling a consultation.) She does not answer personal queries by email. See also our Parent Support Page.

Conception to Two Years

How Can I Bond With My Infant Before Birth?
Crying Spells in Six-Week-Old Infant
Frustrations in Four-Month-Old
Four-Month-Old Wakes up Frequently at Night
Eight-Month-Old Is Unable to Entertain Herself
Fussy Ten-Month-Old
Eleven-Month-Old is Aggressive Towards Mother
How to Stop a Toddler From Biting
Toddler Won't Listen

Two to Five Years

Temper Tantrums in Two-Year-Old
How Can I Help My Daughter Remember to Use the Potty?
Separation Anxiety in Three-Year-Old
Bedtime Problems With Three-Year-Old
My Daughter is a Dawdler!
Child Diagnosed with both ADHD and Anxiety Disorder... HELP!
Is Masturbation Inappropriate for Four-Year-Olds?
Single Mother Cannot Control Four-Year-Old Son
Kindergartner Reluctant to Go to School

Five to Nine Years

Five-Year-Old Wants to Sleep with Parents
Child Afraid of Night-Time "Monsters"
My Sweet Baby Has Turned Into a Troubled Five-Year-Old
An Only Child is Aggressive with Other Children at School
Compulsive Behavior in Six-Year-Old
Six-Year-Old is a Terrible Eater
Should I Associate an Allowance with Specific Household Duties?
Making Doctor Visits a Pleasant Experience for Children
How Can I Talk to My Child About Sex?

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